Natalino Attard - Projects Leader within the Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs - Henley MBA 2001

Having decided to read for an MBA, I sought a highly trusted business school that could provide me with stimulating reading material, a challenging task and a reputable degree. After conducting research on the universities and institutions that offer MBA studies, I was quite impressed with the history, success stories and the reputation of Henley Business School.


Elaine Cutajar Debono - General Manager - Programme Member

The Henley MBA has helped widen my horizons, whereby I feel I can contribute much more towards the success of the organization I work in.


John Richard Falzon - Partner at Edward Engerer & Co - Henley MBA 2010

The Henley MBA has helped me understand better the dynamics of all the internal functions of an organisation as well as the external world, and how these work together.


Herman Zandt -Entrepreneurial Management Consultant & Director - Henley MBA 2005

The skills to think and act on an executive level (which before was merely operational).


Silvan Mifsud - International Sales Manager, Gutenberg Press - Henley MBA 2012

The Henley MBA helped boost my career as everyone knows the high education quality that comes with such an MBA.


Mark Camilleri - General Manager - Henley MBA 2012

I feel that the MBA has totally changed my perspective of business.


Chris Vassallo - CEO - Hogg Capital Financial Recruitment - Henley MBA 1997

I recommend the Henley MBA to anyone who has the ambition to get to the top.